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Wooden Ships Wheels, Boat Steering Wheels & Controls

Here at Jones Boatyard we know how to keep a ship on good course and any helmsman will tell you the importance of a fine ships wheel.

We stock a variety of traditional wooden ships wheels and contemporary boat steering wheels and we plan to further our range of steering controls in the near future.

We have recently added our range of teleflex control cables, which are suitable for most inboard, outboard and sterndrive set ups.

Steering & Controls

Steering & Controls

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  1. Traditional Wooden Steering Wheel

    Made from mahogany, this traditional styled six spoked wheel is the perfect addition to any cockpit

  2. Wooden Spoked Ships Wheel

    A high quality, traditional acacia wooden spoked traditional steering wheel. Available in four sizes.

    Starting at: £73.50
  3. White Padded Stainless Steel Steering Wheel

    Stainless Steel Steering Wheel with White Outer Cladding. Strong grip, with black plastic central cap.
  4. Black 3 Spoke Steering Wheel

    335mm black thermoplastic Steering Wheel. 3 spoked with strong grip.
  5. Stazo Wooden Spoked Ships Wheel

    Stazo traditional teak steering wheel with brass trim. The wheel is available in both 400mm and 450mm diameter models.
    Starting at: £178.95
  6. Stainless Steering Wheel

    Sleek and well balanced stainless steering wheel, available in three sizes with standard 3/4" taper.
    Starting at: £63.50
  7. Teleflex 33c Light Flex Control Cables

    Ideal cable for short, simple runs, fits most outboards, sterndrive and inboard units. Available in 5ft to 18ft.
    Starting at: £17.95
  8. Teleflex 33C TFXTREME (Heavy Duty) Control Cable

    TFXTREME heavy duty control cables are at the top of their class for performance and reliability. Available in lengths 6ft to 28ft.
    Starting at: £42.00
  9. Rudder Position Indicator

    The indicator gives instant visual reference of rudder angle and is 'powered' by gravity which makes for a simple, free-service item.
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9 Item(s)