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Whale Water Pumps

Whale are the industry leaders in marine water pump technology and their products are renowned for their quality build and reliability.

Our range of Whale pumps includes freshwater galley pumps, bilge pumps as well as inline, submersible and waste water pumps.

Whale Water Pumps

Whale Water Pumps

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  1. Whale Universal Water Pump UF0812

    15 psi pump, 8 litres per minute, ideal for boats with 1-2 outlets.
  2. Whale Universal Water Pump UF0815

    Whale Universal Water Pump UF0815, 8 litres per minute, 45 psi.
  3. Whale Universal Water Pump UF1214

    Whale Universal Water Pump UF1214, 30psi, 12 litres per minute.
  4. Whale Universal Water Pump UF1215

    Whale Universal Water Pump UF1215, 45 psi, 12 litres per minute.
  5. Whale Lightweight Water Pump - Watermaster FP0814

    Whale's new Watermaster FP0814 is one of the most compact, versatile and reliable pumps on the market.

  6. Whale Supersub Smart 1100 Bilge Pump

    High capacity low profile automatic bilge pump that senses bilge water levels.
  7. Whale Watermaster Automatic Pressure Pump

    Whale's Watermaster Automatic Pressure Pumps deliver smooth, consistent flow and can run dry without damage. Various models available.

  8. Whale Shower Sump System

    Reliable multi inlet grey waste water sump system automatically removes waste shower, sink and drain water.
  9. Whale Orca Auto-Electric 1300 Bilge Pump

    Compact and powerful automatic submersible bilge pump. 12 V.D.C
  10. Whale Orca Electric Bilge Pump

    High performance bilge pump with large filter base and easy installation.

  11. Whale SuperSub Smart 650 Electric Bilge Pump

    Whale Super Sub 650 electric, low profile automatic bilge pump.
  12. Whale SuperSub 1100 Electric Bilge Pump

    Electric bilge pump, with very low power consumption designed for narrow bilges.
  13. Whale SuperSub 500 Electric Bilge Pump

    Electric bilge pump, with very low power consumption designed for narrow bilges.
  14. Whale Gulper Toilet Pump

    Whale Gulper Toilet Pump almost impossible to block, designed to manage un-macerated toilet waste.
  15. Whale Gulper 220 Shower Waste Pump

    Whale Gulper 220 grey waste water pump.
  16. Whale Premium Submersible 12 V DC Pump

    Self venting, quiet, compact and low cost submersible pump
  17. Whale Standard Submersible Pump

    Whale Standard 12 V pump. Hose connections measure 10 mm.
  18. Whale High Flow Submersible 12v DC pump

    Self-venting, compact, quiet high flow submersible pump
  19. Whale High Flow 12 V DC In-Line Booster Pump

    Compact, lightweight and quiet high flow booster pump
  20. Whale Premium In-Line Booster Pump

    Compact, light weight booster pump
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Whale Water Pumps

Whale Water Pumps

Whale produce water pumps for the marine and caravan market and are one of the industry leaders.

Use the links below to discover more about the Whale pumps we stock.

Domestic Water Pumps

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Bilge Pumps

Whale Orca Auto 1300Whale OrcaWhale SupersubWhale Supersub Smart

Grey and Black Water Pumps

Whale Gulper Toilet PumpWhale Gulper 220 Shower Pump

Submersible and In-Line Pumps

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