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Waterproof Cases and Dry Bags

Our Waterproof Dry Bags are certainly worth the buy when it comes to keeping your valuable possessions safe from water damage when boating.

The ‘Fold Seal System’ ensures that the bags remain water tight, keeping your phone or any other electrical device and valuable possessions safe from water.

Choose between either a Dry Pouch* or a Dry Bag which will remain watertight and protect your items from dust, sand, dirt and water.

We also have a range of waterproof cases suitable for small phones, cameras and iPads. These cases are all submersible up to approximately 19ft / 6m underwater.** 

*Dry Pouch not suitable for full submersion.

**NOTE: Jones Boatyard cannot guarantee against accidental damage of personal items or improper use of Dry Pouch, Dry Bag or any other waterproof items.  It is advised that you insure valuable items separately.  

Waterproof Cases & Dry Bags

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  1. Waterproof Dry Pouch (1 Ltr)

    The Waterproof Dry Pouch is ideal for protecting small items from light water damage. The pouch features waterproof TPU lining with stitched and taped seams, making it easy to clean and store whilst remaining durable.  This item will protect your belongings from dirt, sand, dust and water.  Available in Red, Yellow, Blue and Black.

    This product is NOT suitable for full submersion.

  2. Waterproof Dry Flat Bag (5 Ltr)

    A suitable dry bag fit for quick submersion before floating safely to the water's surface, and will remain buoyant to protect your valuables from any water damage. Also suitable to guard against sand, dust and dirt. Available in Black and Yellow.
  3. Waterproof Dry Tube Bag

    Waterproof Dry Tube Bag. A perfect solution for protecting your items from submersive water damage. Available in sizes:

    12 Ltr (RED) Tube Bag

    20 Ltr (BLUE) Tube Bag

  4. Waterproof Phone Case

    Sealed and dry water tight bag for your phone or other valuables. Suitable for phones measuring 12cm in height and 15cm total diameter. The bag is fully submersible up to a depth of 6m.
  5. Waterproof PSP Case

    Waterproof PSP case, fully submersible to a depth of 19ft / 6m. Ideal for all PSPs, with the consol remaining fully useable whilst in the bag.
  6. Waterproof Camera Case

    Ideal for camera measuring 17.5cm in diameter and 11cm across, and without a telescopic lens. Fully submersive up to 19ft / 6m, giving you the chance to take photos underwater!
  7. Waterproof Camera Case (with Telescopic Zoom Lens)

    Ideal for camera measuring 20.5cm in diameter and 11cm across, and with a telescopic lens (reaching out to 2.8cm, with a 5.3cm diameter). Fully submersive up to 19ft / 6m, giving you the chance to take photos underwater!
  8. Waterproof iPad Case

    Will guard effectively against water, dirt, sand and dust damage. This case also floats and will remain submersive up to a max depth of 19ft / 6m. This item is therefore an ideal method of protecting your iPad, a small price to pay for a potentially expensive problem. Suitable for all iPads.
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8 Item(s)