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Water Systems

Here at Jones Boat Chandlery we supply all the necessary equipment for an effective boat water system.

Marine Water Pumps

We carry a comprehensive range of marine water pumps including Jabsco Par max, Whale Universal Pressure Pumps and Whale Watermaster Pumps.

We also carry a full range of waste water pumps and bilge pumps suitable for various applications.

Marine Toilets

Browse our range of sea toilets and chemical toilets for marine use as well as various cleaners, fluids and accessories.

Taps, Sinks & Showers

Find all the necessary fittings to equip your galley and bathrooms.

Hoses & Hose Accessories

All the bits you'll need to fit your boat water system including various hoses for different applications and hose clips.

Water Systems

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  1. Jabsco Par Max Automatic Water Pump

    Jabsco Par Max automatic water pumps with smooth, quiet flow. Various models available; Par Max 1.9, 2.9 and 3.5.
    Starting at: £71.00
  2. Jabsco Par Max 4 (31620-0292)

    High flow pump able to cope with water systems with four or more outlets, the Jabsco Par Max 4 is the ideal pump for large canal boats.
  3. Jabsco Par Max Plus (82400-0392)

    Jabsco Parmax Plus, ideal if you live aboard your boat, due to its high flow rate and ability to serve up to five outlets.
  4. Jabsco Pumpguard Par-Max Inlet Strainer

    Fine, stainless steel mesh inlet strainer, ideal for use with Jabsco Par-Max series.
  5. Whale Lightweight Water Pump - Watermaster FP0814

    Whale's new Watermaster FP0814 is one of the most compact, versatile and reliable pumps on the market.

  6. Whale Watermaster Automatic Pressure Pump

    Whale's Watermaster Automatic Pressure Pumps deliver smooth, consistent flow and can run dry without damage. Various models available.

    Starting at: £77.95
  7. Whale Universal Water Pump

    Whale Universal Water Pump's range from 15-45 psi, are easy to install, reliable, quiet and smooth flowing.

    Starting at: £88.95
  8. Whale Gulper 220 Shower Waste Pump

    Whale Gulper 220 grey waste water pump.
  9. Whale Gulper Toilet Pump

    Whale Gulper Toilet Pump almost impossible to block, designed to manage un-macerated toilet waste.
  10. Whale SuperSub 500 Electric Bilge Pump

    Electric bilge pump, with very low power consumption designed for narrow bilges.
  11. Whale SuperSub 1100 Electric Bilge Pump

    Electric bilge pump, with very low power consumption designed for narrow bilges.
  12. Whale SuperSub Smart 650 Bilge Pump

    Whale Super Sub 650 electric, low profile automatic bilge pump.
  13. Whale Orca Electric Bilge Pump

    High performance bilge pump with large filter base and easy installation.

    Starting at: £18.20
  14. Whale Supersub Smart 1100 Bilge Pump

    High capacity low profile automatic bilge pump that senses bilge water levels.
  15. Whale Orca Auto-Electric 1300 Bilge Pump

    Compact and powerful automatic submersible bilge pump. 12 V.D.C
  16. Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock Manual Sea Toilet - Compact Bowl

    Manual flush sea toilet with a small bowl, ideal for smaller toilet compartments.
  17. Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock Manual Sea Toilet - Regular Bowl

    Manual flush sea toilet with large, comfortable bowl.
  18. Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock Replacement Pump

    Replacement pump for Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock sea toilets, suitable for all 29090 and 29120 series manual toilets.

  19. Jabsco Odourlos Holding Tank Treatment

    Eliminates holding tank odours and breaks down waste and tissue using biological action.

  20. Jabsco Service Kit for models 2007 Onwards

    Official Jabsco service kit for models from 2007 onwards, includes all seals and gaskets.

Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 20 of 45 total

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