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Mooring, Safety and Above Deck

Browse through our select water safety products that have been chosen by our expert chandlery purchaser who is continually looking out for the best quality and best value chandlery products available.

Water safety is where you will find all the chandlery you need to keep you safe onboard.

We include a range of buoyancy aids, life jackets and even life jackets for dogs. In addition, you will find life rings, lifebuoys, rescue lines and more.

Mooring, Safety & Above Deck

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Mooring, Safety & Above Deck

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  1. Anchor Marine Canal Side Fenders - 16x2.5

    Designed specifically for both narrow boats and canal boats. Hard wearing canal fenders with minimal diameter to maximise space in tight locks. Ideal for boats with a smaller freeboard.

  2. Anchor Heavy Duty Chubby Fender A0321 40x52cm

    Heavy duty chubby fender measuring 16x21".
    Starting at: £40.00
  3. Anchor Marine Fenders - Standard *SPECIAL ORDER*

    High quality Anchor Marine Standard Fenders in NEW colours.
    Starting at: £16.50
  4. Polished Stainless Steel Flag Pole Including Base

    Mirror polished, stainless steel flag pole including removable base.
    Starting at: £42.95
  5. Polished Stainless Steel Flag Pole - 25mm Diameter

    Mirror polished stainless steel flag pole with 25mm diameter base, available in 3 lengths.
    Starting at: £29.75
  6. Pulpit Rail Mount Flag Pole

    Stainless steel pulpit mount flag pole 350mm in height, ideal for pennants and 1/2 yard flags.
  7. Angled Flag Pole Transom Base 30 Degrees

    Made from stainless steel and angled at 30 degrees with two diameter options of 22 mm or 25 mm.
    Starting at: £12.95
  8. Angled Flag Pole Deck Base 60 Degrees

    Made from Stainless Steel, this flag pole deck base is angled at 60 degrees, with two diameter options of 22mm or 25mm.
    Starting at: £14.95
  9. Courtesy Flags

    High quality courtesy flags of various nations and regions, measuring 30x45cm (1/2 yard).

    Starting at: £6.75
  10. Novelty Flags

    Novelty flags popular with inland cruisers to denote their favorite beverage. Flags measure 30x45cm (1/2 yard).
    Starting at: £8.25
  11. Jolly Roger Flags

    Jolly Roger flags available in 30x45 cm (1/2 yard) or 40x60cm. Ideal for decorating boats and parties.
    Starting at: £8.75
  12. RWO Racing Burgees

    Well balanced and well made RWO Racing Burgees, available in three sizes. Available individually or including mounting clip.

    Starting at: £8.75
  13. RWO Racing Burgee Staff Mounting Clip

    Smart designed mounting clip made for the RWO Racing Burgee. Can be screwed onto the top of a mast or on the superstructure of a boat, whilst still having full movement of the burgee.
  14. Windy Replacement Flag

    Replacement flag for Windy Height Indicator.
  15. Waveline Telescopic Boat Hook - 1.2 - 2.1m

    Made from marine grade aluminium this boat hook is strong, light and ideal for river use.
  16. Kru XF Automatic Lifejacket - Waistbelt

    High quality, compact and comfortable, 150 Newton Lifejacket. Automatic Inflation. Available in Red, Navy and Black.
    Starting at: £57.95
  17. Plastimo Trophy Buoyancy Aid

    High quality 50N buoyancy aid, perfect for general cruising and water activities.
    Starting at: £29.50
  18. Rail Mount Lifebuoy Rack

    Ideal for keeping horseshoe lifebuoys, life rings and ropes tidy and secure.
  19. Traditional Lifering

    Traditional style lifering, essential for any cruising boat.
  20. Anodised Aluminium Solid Cleat

    Solid anodised aluminium cleat available in 5", 6" or 8" length for various applications.
    Starting at: £9.75
Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 20 of 26 total

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