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  1. Harris Paint Removing Tool

    Hardened steel blade for removing paint from wood and windows.

  2. Harris Window Scraper

    Sharp blade easily removes paint from windows.

  3. Harris Super Stripper

    Harris super stripper, ideal for removing large quantities of paint from any surface.

  4. Harris Small Wood Scraper Blades

    Pack of 4 replacement blades for Harris Small Wood Scraper
  5. Harris Replacement Blades

    Pack of 10 replacement blades, universal to Harris work knives.

  6. Harris Tungsten Carbide Blade

    Replacement blades for Harris heavy duty scrapper

  7. Harris Self Locking Tape Measure 5m

    Harris self locking tape measure, ideal for measuring distance when for when precision matters.

  8. Harris Small Wood Scraper

    Harris small wood scraper ideal for removing paint from wood
  9. Harris Work Knife

    Harris work knife, locks in 3 positions and has a anti slip handle.

  10. Vacuum Scraper

    Vacuum Scraper, connect to a vacuum to reduce the amount of mess and dust produced while scraping.

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10 Item(s)