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Anchor Marine Standard Cylindrical Fenders

Anchor Marine standard fenders are a quality marine grade product designed to last with each boat fender molded from a single piece of UV resistant vinyl.

The fender eyes are reinforced to prevent the fender ropes from pulling through.

Anchor Marine fenders are available to us in a wide variety of sizes to suit all boats and in a wide range of colours.

Standard Fenders

Anchor Marine Fenders Free Fender Rope Offer

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  1. Anchor Marine Fenders - Standard

    High quality standard cylindrical fenders available in various sizes and colours.
    Starting at: £10.00
  2. Anchor Marine Fenders - Standard *SPECIAL ORDER*

    High quality Anchor Marine Standard Fenders in NEW colours.
    Starting at: £16.50
  3. Anchor Marine Coloured End Fenders

    For a more classic nautical feeling Anchor Marine produce their standard cylindrical fenders with navy coloured ends. Available in various sizes.
    Starting at: £17.00
  4. Anchor Marine Standard Canal Fenders

    Hard wearing canal fenders with minimal diameter to maximise space in tight locks.
    Starting at: £15.50
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4 Item(s)