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Spot and Search Lights

Powerful search and spot lights available for your boat.

We have search lights that can be controlled manually and a newer range that can be controlled remotely. All search lights are sealed beams and all consume roughly 100watts. 

Spotlights and Search Lights

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  1. Remote Control Search Light

    The Remote Controlled Search Light from Jabsco is a sealed beam halogen light capable of rotating 320° and sweeping vertically at 75° and controlled at the helm.  The body is made from tough weather proof plastic that is corrosion-resistant and weights 2kg.  Supplied with a remote control and 4.5m of cable.

  2. Deluxe Spotlight Search Light

    100w deck mount or rail mount spotlight / searchlight.
  3. Smart Light Remote Control Spotlight

    The Smart Light is a remote control spotlight available in black or white.  The Black Model has a magnetic base on to stop it sliding and ensure maximum stability.  Both lights are halogen with 420º rotation and 120º degrees vertical sweep.  They are water resistant and come supplied with remote control and cords.

    Starting at: £149.00
  4. Rechargeable LED Spotlight

    Rechargeable Super Bright LED Spot light with 3 Watt LED lights and up to 18 hours running time.

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4 Item(s)