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Sikaflex 291i Marine Adhesive Sealant 300ml

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All purpose marine adhesive sealant and bedding compound with excellent flexibility and shock absorbing properties.


Sikaflex 291i Marine Adhesive Sealant 300ml

Sikaflex-291i is a polyurethane, multi purpose flexible sealant developed specifically for marine application. Sikaflex is one of the most versatile marine sealants on the market with excellent adhesion properties as well as superb flexibility and elasticity to ensure a durable, long lasting seal.

Sikaflex 291i Marine Adhesive Sealant Product Benefits

- Resistant to weathering and seawater

- All purpose flexible marine sealant and bedding compound

- 1-C formulation

- Highly elastic

- Non-corrosive

- Can be painted over

- Bonds to all common materials used in boat construction


Available in black, grey, brown and white


Comes in 300 ml tubes

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