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Ships Clocks and Barometers

We stock a wide range of nautical ships clocks and barometers, as well as tide clocks, thermometers, and hygrometers.

Ships Clocks and Tide Clocks

Our ships clocks come in a range of different sizes, styles, and materials such as brass and chrome.

We also supply tide clocks; these use the lunar cycle to approximate high and low tides; a must have for sea going boats and tidal waters.


Barometers measure changes in atmospheric pressure and can be used to forecast short-term changes in the weather.

Ships Clocks & Barometers

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  1. Cast Brass Ships Clock and Barometer Set

    Exceptionally finished nautical cast brass clock and barometer set on hardwood board.
  2. Cast Brass Ships Tide Clock and Barometer Set

    High quality brass nautical tide clock and barometer set on a wooden backing board.
  3. Matt Chrome Clock - 4 inch

    Matt chrome ships clock, matching barometer also available.
  4. Thames Spun Brass Hygrometer

    Beautiful spun brass hygrometer.
  5. Cast Brass Barometer

    High quality cast brass ships barometer, finely made and finished with a high polish.
  6. Cast Brass Thermometer and Hygrometer

    Attractive ships Thermometer and Hygrometer set with a 3.3 inch face and a cast brass body. Ships clock and barometer are also available in matching cast brass body.
  7. Cast Brass Tide Clock

    Exceptional quality cast brass tide clock, practical and decorative.
  8. Chrome Barometer - 3 inch

    Finished in superb chrome, this 3" barometer makes a fantastic decoration with a practical application.
  9. Cast Brass Ships Clock

    Nautical cast brass clock with a 3.3 inch face, excellent addition to any boat.
  10. Matt Chrome Barometer- 3 inch

    Exceptional quality matt chrome barometer, perfect on board or in the home.
  11. Spun Brass Rivet-Style Clock

    98mm diameter, rivet-style ships clock.
  12. Spun Brass Rivet-Style Barometer

    98mm diameter spun brass, rivet-style barometer, ideal for boat or home.
  13. Thames Spun Brass Clock

    Spun brass ships clock.
  14. Thames Spun Brass Barometer

    Spun brass barometer and thermometer finished in polished spun brass.
Set Descending Direction

14 Item(s)