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Rule Lo Pro Automatic Bilge Pump LP900

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Intelligent design features make the Rule LP900 one of the most versatile and effective bilge pumps on the market.


Rule Low Profile Automatic Bilge Pump LP900

The new Rule low profile automatic 900GPH bilge pump is compact, powerful and packed with features which provide the design flexibility to make it the ideal bilge pump for almost any boat. The LP900's low profile and compact design make it ideal for reaching deep into tight bilge cavities to maxamise the amount of water it can remove keeping your bilge as dry as possible. Added to this the discharge cartridge is fully rotatable up to 180° and is supplied with four separate discharge port options further enhancing the pumps versatility.

The Rule LP900 can be mounted at any angle including vertically and the pump has a powerful 900GPH pumping capability.

Supplied with 3/4" (19mm) straight and 90° elbow hose tail connections, as well as 1" and 1⅛" hose tail connections.

Rule Lo Pro Automatic Bilge Pump LP900 Operating Modes

The Rule LP900 has a rotating water cartridge which positions water sensor either 2" or 1.3" above the base of the pump giving you the ability to alter the pumps sensitivity to water. In automatic mode the pump wil operate as soon as it detects water at the selected position and will run until the water has been fully discharged. There is also a timer mode which will set the pump to turn on every 2.5 minutes to detect water and if so the pump will operate until the water has gone.

Rule LP900 Technical Specification

- Height*: 2.4" (6cm)

- Width: 9" (22.8cm)

- Depth*: 2.35" (6cm)

- 12V DC

- Amp Draw: 4 amps at full flow

- Fuse Size: 7.5A (not included)

- Flow Rate (open flow, 1m head, 2m head): 891GPH, 634GPH, 416GPH

- Max Head Height: 3.4m

*add 2.8" depending on discharge orientation

Additional Information

Water Pump Flow Rate 900GPH
Voltage 12