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Ruddersafe Dual Rudder

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Ruddersafe substantially improves steering and maneuverability at slow speed and prevents snaking whilst cruising.


Ruddersafe Dual Rudder

The Ruddersafe Dual Rudder System substantially increases your control preventing 'wandering' and increasing maneuverability at slow speeds. The fantastic design of the Ruddersafe gives your boat excellent handling at low speeds and prevents oversteer by using a tilt mechanism which lifts the unit out of the water at high speeds and drops it back down as the speed and water pressure drops.

Ruddersafe's dual rudders control the energy produced by the propeller and concentrate it more efficiently in a single direction, allowing you much greater control especially at slow speeds and in busy areas such as marinas, locks and public moorings. Further benefits of using a Ruddersafe include reduced fuel consumption and the unit providing a degree of protection to your expensive stern gear. The Ruddersafe is easy to install with no need to drill extra holes and no need for any special tools.

The Ruddersafe is corrosion resistant and requires minimal maintenance besides occasional lubrication.

There are several Ruddersafe models for selected boat sizes and outdrives (see below for more detail). Please note that Volvo 200/250/270 outdrives require a specific design of Ruddersafe as listed below.


Ruddersafe Dual Rudder Models

Dual rudders are designed for specific boat sizes: Note that the Volvo Penta 200/250/270 outdrive models are special order so please call us to order to confrim estimated delivery date*

- Ruddersafe No.2 (up to 21ft)

- Ruddersafe No.3 (22-28ft)

- Ruddersafe No.4 (28-40ft)

- Ruddersafe No.2 Volvo 200/250/270

- Ruddersafe No.3 Volvo 200/250/270

- Ruddersafe No.4 Volvo 200/250/270

*Ruddersafe not suitable for Volvo duo prop outdrives and not recommended for Volvo 280/290 outdrives


Click here for Ruddersafe standard models installation instructions.

Click here for Ruddersfae Volvo Penta models installation instructions.



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