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Plastic Padding Kits & Marine Fillers

Plastic Padding are a well established company specialising in kits for glass fibre repair as well as developing pastses and agesnts for marine repairs.

Plastic Padding Sealants and Fillers

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  1. Glass Fibre Kit - Small

    Small glass fibre repair kit ideal for smaller patch repairs.

  2. Glass Fibre Kit - Large

    Large glass fibre repair kit ideal for larger patch repairs.

  3. Plastic Padding Chemical Metal

    The original rock hard multi purpose repair paste.
  4. Plastic Padding Gelcoat Filler

    Perfect for repairing surface scratches in gelcoat.
  5. Teroson Glass Fibre Filler

    High strength paste for filling holes, scratches and deep filling in fibreglass.
  6. Teroson Marine Filler

    Ideal for filling holes and cracks in GRP, steel, wood, and aluminium.

  7. Plastic Padding Marine Epoxy

    Two part epoxy filler for repairs above or below the waterline.
  8. Teroson Marine Filler 787g

    For filling and sealing GRP, steel, aluminium, wood etc.
  9. Teroson Glass Fibre Filler - 743g

    Easy to work, fast setting past with added glass fibre for superior strength.
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9 Item(s)