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Rudders are an essential accessory to your outboard or outdrive when it comes to stability and control when steering your boat. When entering a marina or lock at low speeds, it can be very difficult to control you boat. Fitting as rudder accessory to your outboard or outdrive will eliminate any difficulties you have when steering your craft, allowing you to easily navigate through tight lock corridors or into your mooring space.

We have a large selection of outboard rudders that can be easily fitted and are suitable for almost all outboard and outdrives.Outboard and Outdrive Rudders

Ruddersafe Dual Rudder:

The Ruddersafe Dual Rudder is excellent for handling your boat and are a perfect compromise when deciding which rudders are suitable for which speeds.  The Ruddersafe will give you full control when travelling at low speed whilst providing no strain on your craft when cruising a little faster than usual.


Tilt-R Rudder:

This is a singular rudder which will prevent your boat from drifting at slow speeds, giving you effective control when navigating through small spaces.  Unlike most rudders, the Tilt-R Rudder will automatically 'tilt' upwards as your speed increases, preventing any oversteering you may experience when travelling at faster speeds. 

Adder Rudder - Steering Extension:

The Adda Rudder Steering Extension is a standard control rudder for outboards and outdrives.  It has a simple design and can be easily fitted to your boat and will give you great steering control when slowing down to moor your craft.


Aluminium Stabilizer and Ski Boat Fin:

An outboard stabilizer will certainly improve your boat's movement through the water if it is porpoising badly.  The fin is great for leveling out your boat on an even plane instead of the bow being raised higher than the stern which will commonly occur on boats without a stabilizer on their outboard or outdrive. 


Outboard and Outdrive Rudders

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  1. Adda Rudder - Steering Extension

    Aluminium steering extension rudder for outboards, gives greater control when maneuvering at slow speeds.
  2. Ruddersafe Dual Rudder

    Ruddersafe substantially improves steering and maneuverability at slow speed and prevents snaking whilst cruising.

  3. Aluminum Stabilizer and Ski Boat Fin

    Improves performance on any boat through its ability to give lift at the stern preventing bow raising. Constructed from strong marine grade aluminum with a durable anodized finish.
  4. Volvo 280 & 290 Outdrive Adaptor Bracket

    #445 Bracket to fit Volvo 280 and 290 Outdrives. Easy to fit and install following our instructions.
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4 Item(s)