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Outboard Motor Locks and Security

Outboard Locks for Smaller Outboards

We recommend smaller outboards are protected using a good quality clamp lock over the outboard handles which prevents thieves from accessing the outboard clamps.

Outboard Locks for Larger Outboards

Larger outboard engines should be bolted through the transom and an outboard securing nut should be either tack welded or fixed using a good quality stainless steel outboard motor bolt lock.

A combination of  a clamp lock and an outboard motor bolt lock will provide additional security.

An alternative deterrent from outboard theft is removing the hood of your outboard motor when you are not using your boat;

this makes the outboard much more difficult for criminals to sell and you can protect the outboard from the elements with a PVC outboard cover.

General Boat Security Items

We also stock a range of other items for the security of your boat, including stainless steel hasps for securing doors and storage lockers and a self adhesive sticker pack to deter thieves.

Outboard Motor Locks & Security

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  1. Fulton Outboard Motor Lock

    Heavy gauge steel outboard motor lock, fits most styles of engines up to approx. 30HP.
  2. Outboard Motor Bolt Lock 12mm

    Stainless steel, tough and robust outboard motor lock which prevents criminals from accessing the bolts which secure your outboard to the boat transom.
  3. Boat Watch Anti Theft Security Outboard Cover

    An effective and low-cost outboard theft deterrent brought to you by Boat Watch. Remove your outboard cowling and replace with this waterproof and breathable security cover when you are not on board.

    Starting at: £25.00
  4. Allpa Outboard Motor Clamp Lock

    Secure stainless steel adjustable clamp lock for outboard motors.
  5. Osculati Anti-Theft Outboard Motor Lock

    Tough sturdy lock for outboard motors up to 25HP.
  6. Cable Lock 15 ft

    Heavy duty woven steel 15 foot cable lock with protective cladding. Ideal for securing watercraft and outboard motors.
  7. Stainless Steel Locking Hasp 30x80mm

    Stainless Steel Hasp and integrated lock, perfect for securing doors and storage lockers on your boat.
  8. Stainless Steel Locking Hasp 30x105mm

    Stainless steel, anti-rust hasp with integrated lock. Suitable for securing doors and lockers on your boat.
  9. Outdrive Leg Bolt Lock 10mm

    Outdrive bolt lock prevents criminals accessing securing nuts, made from tough stainless steel.
Set Descending Direction

9 Item(s)