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Outboard Accessories

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  1. Ruddersafe Dual Rudder

    Ruddersafe substantially improves steering and maneuverability at slow speed and prevents snaking whilst cruising.

    Starting at: £198.00
  2. Helmsmate Outboard Tiller Extension (Without Swivel Joint)

    Extension Handle for outboard motors and trolling motors providing complete steering and throttle control.
  3. HelmsMate Outboard Tiller Extension (With Swivel Joint)

    Extension handle for outboard motors and trolling motors featuring a universal joint allowing easy steering.
  4. Outboard Motor Tiller Extension

    Lightweight, telescopic tiller extension with an easy to adjust bracket to fit most outboards.
  5. Outboard Engine Cover

    These outboard covers are made from extra strong PA coated polyester with high UV protection. The covers are also water resistant. A very effective way to protect your outboard from being stolen is to remove the hood whilst not in use and protect your outboard with an outboard cover.
    Starting at: £9.65
  6. Orange Propeller Bag

    Propeller bags, requirement for trailed bats and available in various sizes.
    Starting at: £9.00
  7. 12 Volt Power Centre Battery Box

    Battery box with battery condition indicators.
  8. Boat Watch Anti Theft Outboard Cover

    An effective and low-cost outboard theft deterrent brought to you by Cambridge Marine Industries, GOBA, ANRC, EA, Cambs Conservators, Boat Watch and Cambridgeshire Constabulary. Remove your outboard cowling and replace with this waterproof and breathable security cover when you are not on board.

    Starting at: £35.00
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8 Item(s)