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Narrowboat Chimneys and Accessories 

Browse our range of narrowboat chimneys, spare parts, and related accessories. We stock a range of chimneys for your narrowboats, both double skin and single skin, in a range of different sizes and styles. Also available are products for cleaning and taking care of your narrowboat chimney and flue systems, such as cleaners, sealants and paints.

If you would like any advice on the best narrowboat chimney for your boat then please contact us.

Narrowboat Chimneys & Accessories

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  1. Powder-Coated Double Skin Steel Narrowboat Chimney - Chrome

    Black Powder-Coated Steel Narrowboat Chimney with a chrome finish handle and chain hook.

    Starting at: £37.50
  2. Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    Carbon Monoxide poisoning is more common on boats than you may think - be safe and ensure your boat is equipt with a CO alarm.
  3. Optical Smoke Alarm

    A working smoke alarm aboard your vessel can save you precious seconds to escape in the event of a fire. Don't take the risk - be safe and ensure your boat is equipt with a smoke alarm.
  4. Stove Thermometer

    Valian Magnetic Stove Thermometer provides important information to enable stove temperature and performance monitoring.
  5. Moisture Meter

    Valian Moisture Meter will test your firewood to ensure it's seasoned to reduce smoke, tar build up and improve efficiency.
  6. Glass Fibre Rope Lagging 1m

    25mm diameter fibre glass lagging. 1 metre in length. For flue and chimney joints.
  7. Fire Putty

    120g tube of Fire Putty exhaust assembly paste. Ideal for connecting flue sections, and coating gaskets.
  8. Stove Paint

    High temperature Stove Paint specially formulated for use on objects subjected to heat. Paint withstands temperatures up to 650°C. Available in tins or in a spray can.
    Starting at: £10.95
  9. Heatbond Rope Sealant

    Heatbond is a rope sealant suitable for all types of ropes including ceramic.
  10. 310ml Flue Cement

    310ml Flue Cement is an easy to use, ideal solution for repairs to surfaces where heat resistance is required.
  11. Geocel Plumber Flue Silicone Sealant 310ml

    High temperature sealant ideal for flue and chimneys.
  12. Stainless Steel Chimney Rain Hat

    Stainless steel rain hat to protect your narrowboat from rain.
  13. Black Chimney Rain Hat

    Black chimney rain hat to protect your chimney from the rain.
  14. Clamped Chimney Rain Hat

    Clamped Chinese rain hat to protect your narrowboat from rain. Clamp ensures the rain hat remains safely secured to the chimney.
  15. Stove and Grate Polish

    Stove & Grate Polish removes minor blemishes, scratches and rust from stoves.
  16. Flue Pipe 4.5 inch - 1.6 Metres

    Steel flue pipe 1.6 metres length, 4½" external diameter.
  17. Flue Pipe 4 inch - 1.5 Metres

    Steel flue pipe, 1.5 Metres, 4" external diameter.

  18. Brass Narrowboat Chimney Chain

    Decorative narrowboat chimney chain
  19. Flue Free Chimney Cleaner

    Flue Free Chimney Cleaner acts against tar and creosote deposits, and prevents further build-up inside your narrowboat chimney.
  20. Ventilated Collar Cover

    Black ventilated collar cover used to replace your narrowboat chimney when taken off, measuring 12 cm across.
Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 20 of 26 total

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