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Morso Squirrel 1410

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Morso squirrel 1410 cast iron multifuel stove.


Morso Squirrel 1410 Multifuel Stove

With its classic design, quality build and contemporary features the Morso Squirrel 1410 sets the standard for compact, cast iron multifuel stoves.

The Mosro 1410 offers all the comfort of a traditional wood burning stove, with a large glass screen to display the glowing vista of the fire and an airwash system to keep this glass clean.

The Morso 1410's compact dimensions, generous 4.5kW output and ability to burn wood as well as smokeless fuel have made this stove incredibly popular with narrowboats and in small living areas.

The squirrel is a small universal cast-iron multi-fuel stove with the Morso Airwash system keeping the glass at the front of the stove clean, giving you a great view of the fire. This model also has an additional option of an add-on boiler for hot water, and is capable of burning: wood, briquettes, and smokeless fuel.  The woodburning stove will heat up small rooms quickly and efficiently, making it an ideal stove for narrowboats.

Morso Squirrel 1410 Stove Features

- Airwash system

- Primary and secondary air supply

- Riddling grate system

- Flue size of 5 inches with top or rear outlet

- 2-5 kW output


Morso 1410 Specification

- Fuel type: Multifuel

- Max. log length: 28cm

- Rated output: 4.5kW

- Weight: 70kg

- Flue outlet: 125mm (internal diameter)

- Includes a Morso glove and tool

- Circular ridding grate

- Morso Squirrel Boiler option - 8000BTU to supply hot water to radiators

- Primary and Secondary air supply

- Ash pan


Morso 1410 Dimensions

- Width: 388mm

- Height: 546mm

- Depth: 368mm

- Height to centre of rear flue: 439mm

- Distance from rear of stove to centre of top flue: 125mm

The Morso Squirrel 1410 multifuel stove is ideal for any narrowboat or small room.



Rated Output (kW) 4.5
Log Length (cm) 28
Flue Outlet, Internal (mm)  125
Minimum Internal Flue (mm) 150
1410 Weight (kg) 70
Efficiency Net / Gross (%) 76 / 69
Stove Height (mm) 546
Stove Width (mm) 388
Stove Depth (mm)  438

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