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Mooring Pins, Mooring Stakes and Mooring Spikes

All of our mooring pins are heavy duty, made of galvanised steel. The mooring stakes and spikes come in various sizes for small, medium and large boats.

Small mooring stakes are suitable for boats 10ft up to 20ft, the medium size mooring stakes are suitable for boats 20ft to 27ft and the large stakes are for craft above 27ft, steel boats and narrowboats.

All mooring spikes, pins and stakes have been manufactures by Walsh Marine.

Mooring Pins

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  1. Mooring Spike with Ring

    Mooring pins made in square section steel bar, galvanised and with a loose ring eye at the top. The mooring pins or stakes currently available in 2 sizes, priced from (see options)

  2. Mooring Pin

    Constructed in round steel bar with welded eyes and safety disc to help protect hands when being handled. Product bright zinc plated and made in the UK by Walsh. Mooring stakes are available in three sizes priced from (see options).
  3. Lump Hammer

    Lump hammer with 4lb head and a rubber grip handle.
  4. Mooring Stake Mallet

    Hammer constructed in steel and galvanised. Total weight 1.5kg
Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)