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Mooring Pins, Mooring Stakes, Mooring Spikes & Boat Anchors

All of our mooring pins are heavy duty and made of galvanised steel.

The mooring stakes and spikes come in various sizes to suit different boats and mooring situations.

As well as this we also supply various boat anchors.

Mooring Pins & Anchors

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  1. Grapnel Anchor

    Grapnel anchor available in various sizes.
  2. Mooring Spike with Ring

    Galvanised steel mooring stakes available in three sizes.
  3. Mooring Pin

    Galvanised steel mooring pins available in three sizes.
  4. Lump Hammer

    Lump hammer with 4lb head and a rubber grip handle.
  5. Mooring Stake Mallet

    Hammer constructed in steel and galvanised. Total weight 1.5kg
Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)