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Maxview Gazelle Touring UHF TV and VHF / FM Aerial

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Stylish, sleek and aerodynamic omni directional areal for boats, and touring vehicles.


Maxview Gazelle Pro Touring Aerial

Designed for boats, caravans and motorhomes, the Maxview Gazelle is a sleek and stylish omni directional TV and radio areal packed with exciting features. The omni directional nature of the Maxview Gazelle means the areal requires no manual adjustment, simply mount, move and scan. Added to this the sleek design of the Maxview Gazelle is stylish, compact and aerodynamic, reducing unnecessary drag whilst traveling.

The aerial comes with a signal booster, cable and mount.

Maxview Gazelle Features:

- Includes 12 - 24 V variable signal booster

- Includes 5 m coaxial cable and mounting accessories

- Aerodynamic and designed for permanent fixing

- Omni - directional to receive all available signals

- Superior picture quality

- The Gazelle is designed for boats and caravans

- Maxview Gazelle includes fully illustrated instructions

Maview Gazelle Touring Areal Technical Specification

- Compatibility: SD, HD, 3D and 4K TV, FM and DAB radio

- Frequency Range: Wideband for UHF TV and VHF radio (40 - 860 MHz)

- Gain: Up to 18dB with included signal booster

- Areal Height: 14cm

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