Maxview Aerials

Maxviews philosophy is to give the customer great quality at an affordable price. The Maxview Gazelle and Maxview Omnimax are the most popular Maxview aerials in the boat and caravan market and both provide exceptional reception at an affordable price.

Maxview Gazelle Aerial

The Maxview Gazelle is a streamlined and omnidirectional aerial designed to be permanently mounted on top of a boat or caravan. Digital Freeview compatible.

Maxview Omnimax Aerial

The Maxview Omnimax is, as the name suggests, an omnidirectional aerial designed for digital UHF, TV, FM and DAB signals in 360 degrees. Digital Freeview compatible.

Maxview Compact High Gain Aerial

The Maxview Compact High Gain Aerial was awarder 4 stars in the Practical Caravan Product Test and will receiveall digital UHF TV channels. Compact design and digital Freeview compatible.

Maxview Aerials & Accessories