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Tools & Safety

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  1. General Purpose Masking Tape

    General purpose masking tape available in various sizes

    Starting at: £1.45
  2. The Speedy Stitcher - Sewing Awl

    A must have tool for sewing heavy material. 

  3. Harris No Loss Evolution 5 Piece Set

    Harris no loss evolution brushes, now in a convenient 5 piece pack to cover all types of jobs without having to buy separate brushes.

  4. Harris No-Loss Evolution Paint Brush

    A quality paint brush with unique man-made bristles for an exceptionally smooth finish.
    Starting at: £3.50
  5. Harris Premier Paint Brush

    Ideal size for detail or touch up work

    Starting at: £2.99
  6. Harris Assorted Wet and Dry Sandpaper

    Harris assorted wet and dry sandpaper, pack of 4 sheets ideal for preparing for painting or repair work.
  7. Harris Assorted Aluminium Oxide Sandpaper

    Harris assorted aluminium oxide sandpaper pack of 4.

  8. Harris Safety Goggles

    Harris safety goggles, essential when painting working on repairs.

  9. Harris Ear Defenders

    Harris Ear Defenders, essential for the protection of your ears when working with grinders, polishers or power tools.

  10. Harris Tungsten Carbide Blade

    Replacement blades for Harris heavy duty scrapper

  11. Harris Replacement Blades

    Pack of 10 replacement blades, universal to Harris work knives.

  12. Harris Sanding Block

    Suitable for use on wood, plastic and metal surfaces

  13. Harris Super Stripper Replacement Blades

    Replacement blades for Harris super stripper.

  14. Harris Dust Masks

    Harris dust masks essential for working with aerosols.

  15. Harris Super Stripper

    Harris super stripper, ideal for removing large quantities of paint from any surface.

  16. Harris Window Scraper

    Sharp blade easily removes paint from windows.

  17. Harris 9" Roller Handle

    Suitable for rollers that are 9 inches (225 mm) long and diameter of 1.5 inches (38 mm)

  18. Harris Hand Sander

    For preparation work prior to painting

  19. Harris Safety Glasses

    Essential when working with polishers or power tools.

  20. Harris 7" Short Pile Roller

    For use with emulsion paint on smooth surfaces.

Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 20 of 29 total

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