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Marine Sealants and Fillers

We stock a wide range of marine sealants and fillers selected for high performance in marine environments.

Our range of marine sealants fillers come from the most trusted names in the business such as Plastic Padding, Geocel and Sika.

Marine Sealants & Fillers

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  1. Bostik Construction Adhesive

    Bostik construction adhesive, applications range from bedding cleats to sticking skin fittings to the bottom of your boat

    Starting at: £11.75
  2. Teroson Marine Filler

    Ideal for filling holes and cracks in GRP, steel, wood, and aluminium.

  3. Teroson Marine Filler 787g

    For filling and sealing GRP, steel, aluminium, wood etc.
  4. Teroson Glass Fibre Filler - 743g

    Easy to work, fast setting past with added glass fibre for superior strength.
  5. Teroson Glass Fibre Filler

    High strength paste for filling holes, scratches and deep filling in fibreglass.
  6. Plastic Padding Gelcoat Filler

    Perfect for repairing surface scratches in gelcoat.
  7. Plastic Padding Chemical Metal

    The original rock hard multi purpose repair paste.
  8. Geocel Silicone Sealant Remover

    Removes old silicone sealants prior to re-sealing and removes unwanted cured silicone.
  9. Sikaflex 291i Marine Adhesive Sealant 300ml

    All purpose marine adhesive sealant and bedding compound with excellent flexibility and shock absorbing properties.
    Starting at: £12.45
  10. Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure

    Thin liquid sealant which finds and penetrates hairline cracks and cures to a clear, flexible seal. Ideal for window leaks.
  11. Geocel Marine Silicone Rubber Sealant 78g

    Flexible watertight silicone sealant ideal for marine application.
    Starting at: £5.50
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11 Item(s)