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Marine Polish

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  1. Star Brite Pre-Softened Boat Wax

    Cleans, shines and protects for a long lasting deep shine.
  2. Star Brite Premium Marine Polish with PTEF

    Versatile boat polish with PTEF to leave a long lasting tough slick coating repelling dirt and grime.
  3. Star Brite Premium Marine Polish with PTEF - Liquid

    Versatile liquid boat polish with PTEF to leave a long lasting slick coating to repel dirt and grime.
  4. 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound & Wax - 473ml

    All in one formula restores gelcoat, removing medium oxidation as well as fine scratches and finishes with a high gloss wax finish.
  5. 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish & Wax - 473ml

    Perfect for fine scratches and light oxidation, all in one formula restores, shines and protects.
  6. Crystal Glo Marine Treatment

    Crystal Glo Marine Treatment is a high quality marine polish designed to create a deep shine as well as lasting protection from salt water, acid rain and marine growth. Available in 475ml and 1l bottles.

    Starting at: £14.95
  7. Crystal Glo Surface Restorer 1L

    A specially formulated micro-fine abrasive polish which removes blemishes and restores colour.
  8. International Marine Polish

    International Marine polish provides a high gloss finish with its fine grade formula.
  9. International Polish and Wax

    International Polish and Wax is an all in one formula for finishing and protecting gelcoat and painted surfaces.
  10. International Marine Wax

    International Marine Wax seals in gloss and provides long term protection.
  11. International UV Wax Sealer

    Interantional UV Wax Sealer is a UV absorbing wax for ultimate gloss protection.
  12. International Boat Care Range

    A comprehensive list of exterior boat care products from International.

    Starting at: £8.95

  13. August Race Smooth Opacity UV Polish

    August Race Smooth Opacity UV Wax Polish provides a deep, long lasting, UV resistant shine.
  14. August Race Pure Steel Stainless Cleaner & Restorer

    Specially formulated to get the best out of bright metals such as satinless steel, copper, brass and chrome.
  15. August Race Super Quick Shine UV

    Unique spray on formula which allows you to clean and polish in one application.
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15 Item(s)