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Marine Paints and Undercoats

We stock a large range of marine paints from world leading suppliers such as International Yacht Paints and Teamac, designed to give you high quality, premium finishes at competitive prices.

Our comprehensive range of finishes includes antifouling paints, marine gloss and yacht enamels, deck paints, bilge paints, as well as all the appropriate primers and undercoats and various paint additives.

Marine Paints & Undercoats

Marine Paints and Undercoats Guide

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  1. International Toplac Yacht Enamel Paint 750ml

    Premium quality marine gloss, ideal for topsides and available in 21 lustrous colours.
  2. Teamac Marine Gloss Paint 1L

    Excellent opacity and a high gloss finish, suitable on most common substrates and ideal for topsides and other decoration. Available in 21 colours.
  3. International Interdeck Deck Paint 750ml

    Specially formulated non-slip deck paint.
  4. Teamac 'SureGrip' Anti-Slip Deck Paint 1 L

    Anti-slip deck paint suitable for most surfaces and dries with a hard anti-slip finish.

  5. International Pre-Kote Undercoat 750ml

    High quality undercoat for one-pack finishes above the waterline e.g. Toplac, Interdeck and Danboline paints. Available in white and blue grey.

  6. International Trilux 33 375ml

    Trilux 33 Antifoul is a high performance, hard antifouling ideal for use on stern gear, outdrives and as a boottop.

  7. International Trilux Prop-O-Drev Antifouling 500ml

    International Trilux Prop-O-Drev is an aerosol spray antifouling specially formulated for aluminium and stainless steel outdrives, outboard legs, propellers and sterngear.

  8. International Danboline Bilge Paint 750ml

    Danboline is a hard wearing coating for bilges, lockers and bulkheads. Available in grey, white and red.
  9. International Danboline Bilge Paint Grey 2.5L

    Danboline is a hard wearing coating for bilges, lockers and bulkheads.

  10. Teamac BootTopping Paint 1L

    Applied just above the waterline, Teamac Boottopping leaves a hard glossy and stylish boottop line.

  11. Teamac Bilge Paint 1L

    Bilge paint suitable for metal, wood and fibreglass.
  12. Hempel Mille Prop 500ml

    Mille Prop is a spray on antifoul for use on propellers, outboards and outdrives.
  13. Hempel Aluxtra 375ml

    Antifouling for propellers and sterngear.
  14. Hempel Hard Racing Boottop 375ml

    High strength, hard antifouling for boottops and waterlines.
  15. International Cruiser UNO EU 750ml

    High performance antifoul, designed to give protection to sailing and power boats up to 25 knots in all but the harshest fouling conditions.
  16. International Pre-Kote Undercoat 375ml White

    High quality undercoat for one-pack finishes
  17. International Pre-Kote Undercoat 2.5 litre White

    High quality undercoat for one-pack finishes.
  18. International Interprotect Primer 2.5L (Grey)

    Quick drying, easy to apply, two part epoxy primer for high performance protection.
  19. International Interprotect Primer 750ml

    Quick drying, easy to apply, two part epoxy primer for high performance protection.
  20. Teamac Marine Undercoat 2.5L

    A high opacity undercoat for use with marine gloss, suitable for use on for use on metal and wood.
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Marine Paints & Undercoats

Marine Paints & Undercoats

Boat Painting Guide

Marine Paint

Deck paint, bilge paint, yacht enamel... you name it we've got it! We've also got the resources to help your boat painting project become a reality, check out International's 'Boat Painting Guide' (left) for safety advice, product specification and lots of helpful insider hints and tips. We stock marine paints from manufacturers such as Teamac, Hempel and of course International with their most popular lines such as Toplac, Interdeck, Danboline and Trilux 33 at unbeatable prices. For a full list of our marine glosses, deck, bilge and boot topping paints vsit our marine paints page.


Antifouling Paint

Antifouling paint is a specialist marine coating designed to prevent contaniments such as algea and barnacles from clinging to the hull and reducing performance.

There are many different types of antifouling paint which use different strategies to prevent marine growth. We stock a wide variety of antifoul to suit all manner of craft and fouling conditions, visit our antfiouling page for more information.


Marine Primers and Undercoats

We all know that a good paint job is all about preparation, that's why we supply the finest marine primers and undercoats to ensure a fine and lasting finish. For more information on all the primer and undercoats we stock, including International Pre-Kote, visit our marine primers and undercoats page.

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International Antifouling Paint Coverage Chart


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International Primers & Undercoats

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