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Boat Maintenance

Boat Maintenance is where you will find all the chandlery you need to maintain your boat.

The maintenance of a boat may well be; cleaning, hull maintenance, painting and engine bay jobs that require products and also tools.

Browse through a wide selection of anodes, antifouling, boat polish, boat compound agents, marine paints, yacht varnish, marine sealants and products that are required for boat safety scheme compliance.

Boat Maintenance

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Boat Maintenance

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  1. Super Flat Reinforced PVC Hose LX Series

    This reinforced PVC hose is ideal for boating, easy to store, and suitable for drinking water.
  2. Kontrol Krystals Moisture control 500g refill Kontrol Krystals Moisture control 500g refill

    Kontrol Krystals Refill Pack 500g

    Refill pack for crystal moisture traps.
  3. Kontrol Krystals Refill Pack 2.5 kg

    With resealable, easy pour lid, ideal for refilling moisture traps.
  4. Eco Air Desiccant Dehumidifier

    Compact, lightweight and efficient dehumidifier.
  5. Pingi Nautic Moisture Trap Pingi Nautic Moisture Trap

    Pingi Nautic Moisture Trap

    This clever little bag reduces the relative humidity of a room, and can be used over and over again.

    Use Pingi Nautic in small, badly-ventilated rooms on board.

    In fact, Pingi is at home in any type of enclosed space!

    Retail Price: £12.93

    Special Price: £11.75

  6. Farecla G6 Rapid Grade Paste Compound

    Farecla specialist compound, suitable for use on hard surfaces.
  7. Farecla G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound

    Farecla essential compound, suitable for use on most painted surfaces.
  8. Star Brite Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Cleans both porcelain and plastic toilet bowls
  9. Shurhold Scrub Brush

    Lightweight, handheld and ideal for cars, boats and other vehicles.
  10. Shurhold Dip & Scrub Brush

    Stiff bristled, with a long 20 inch handle.
  11. Shurhold Fixed Length Handle

    Shurhold Handles are high strength and corrosion resistant. For use with Shurhold Brushes, Mops, Squeegees, Boat Hooks and more.
  12. Shurhold Cotton String Mop

    Shurhold Cotton String Mop for use with Shurhold Handles.
  13. Shurhold Swivel Pad & Lambs Wool Buffer Combo

    Includes Shurhold Swivel Pad Base and synthetic lambs wool cover.
  14. Shurhold Wash Mitt

    Soft, absorbent wash mitt for both wet and dry use.
  15. Shurhold PVA Towel

    Super absorbent 27" by 17" PVA towel.
  16. Shurhold 12" Stainless Steel Squeegee

    12" Stainless Steel Squeegee suitable for hand use or with any Shurhold handle.
  17. International Boatguard EU Antifoul 2.5L

    Boatguard EU is a self eroding, cruising antifouling ideal for use on inland waters in the UK.

  18. Crystal Glo Marine Treatment

    Crystal Glo Marine Treatment is a high quality marine polish designed to create a deep shine as well as lasting protection from salt water, acid rain and marine growth. Available in 475ml and 1l bottles.

  19. Crystal Glo Acrylic Total Wash

    A universal, environmentally friendly marine cleaner which restores shine without removing wax and non slip coatings.
  20. Crystal Glo Surface Restorer 1L

    A specially formulated micro-fine abrasive polish which removes blemishes and restores colour.
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Items 1 to 20 of 52 total

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