Lock Windlass

A lock windlass is essential for navigating the Great Ouse river system.

We stock windlass' for the River Great Ouse, the Middle Level and the canal system.

River Great Ouse - EA - Lock Windlass

The River Great Ouse windlass have an extended socket as most locks on the Great Ouse are shroudless and tapered.

A key is also required to access the electric control mechanism fitted to most of the EA lock gates on the River Great Ouse and Nene.

River Nene - EA - Lock Windlass

The short handled EA windlass' are better for the Nene as all locks have swing gates with paddles and the long handles will hit some of the swing gate arms.

Canal & River Trust / British Waterways / BW - Lock Windlass

The canal windlass are twin headed as BW locks have two spindle sizes.

The aluminium canal windlass will not fit an EA River Great Ouse or River Nene lock spindle.

Windlass & Lock Handles

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Set Descending Direction

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