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Buoyancy Aids and Life Jackets

The most important part of enjoying the water is staying safe whilst you do so.

We carry a selection of lifejackets and buoyancy aids suitable for a variety of watersports and water activities.

We recommend all crew members wear lifejackets whilst cruising, we stock a range of Children's Lifejackets to make sure everyone is catered for.

Buoyancy Aids & Lifejackets

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  1. Plastimo Trophy Buoyancy Aid

    High quality 50N buoyancy aid, perfect for general cruising and water activities.
    Starting at: £29.50
  2. Baltic Canoe One Size Fits All Buoyancy Aid

    Stylish red/navy Baltic Canoe buoyancy aid. Suitable for all persons between 40kg and 130kg.
  3. Plastimo Passion Buoyancy Aid

    Black/Yellow Plastimo Passion Bouyancy Aid. Features 70N bouyancy, and cutaway pieces around the arms allowing for maximum freedom.
    Starting at: £27.95
  4. Plastimo Kid's Lifejacket 30-40kg

    100 Newton Plastimo Baby Lifejacket. Self-righting ability wil keep your child's head safely out of the water.
  5. Kru XF Automatic Lifejacket - Waistbelt

    High quality, compact and comfortable, 150 Newton Lifejacket. Automatic Inflation. Available in Red, Navy and Black.
    Starting at: £57.95
  6. Plastimo Typhoon Children's Lifejacket

    Typhoon Children's Lifejacket from Plastimo. Models available are designed for children ranging from between 1 and 8 years. Multiple designs available.
    Starting at: £25.95
  7. Bic Sport Buoyancy Aid

    Vest style buoyancy aid from Bic Sport, perfect for kayaking, water sports and general cruising.
    Starting at: £59.95
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7 Item(s)