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Jabsco Par Max Pumps

The new Par Max range of pumps from Jabsco has models appropriate for nearly all boat and caravan set ups.

The Par Max range of pressurised water pumps are reliable, quiet, automatic, easy to install and provide a smooth flow without persistent cycling.

Par Max 1.9 • Par Max 2.9 • Par Max 3.5 • Par Max 4 • Par Max Plus

Jabsco Par Max

Jabsco Par Max

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  1. Jabsco Par Max Automatic Water Pump

    Jabsco Par Max automatic water pumps with smooth, quiet flow. Various models available; Par Max 1.9, 2.9 and 3.5.
    Starting at: £71.00
  2. Jabsco Par Max 4 (31620-0292)

    High flow pump able to cope with water systems with four or more outlets, the Jabsco Par Max 4 is the ideal pump for large canal boats.
  3. Jabsco Pumpguard Par-Max Inlet Strainer

    Fine, stainless steel mesh inlet strainer, ideal for use with Jabsco Par-Max series.
  4. Jabsco 1 Litre Accumulator Tank (30573-0000)

    Jabsco 1 Litre accumulator tank with internal bladder, the ideal solution for boat and caravan water systems.
  5. Jabsco Par Max Plus (82400-0392)

    Jabsco Parmax Plus, ideal if you live aboard your boat, due to its high flow rate and ability to serve up to five outlets.
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5 Item(s)