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Jabsco Par Max Automatic Water Pump

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Jabsco Par Max automatic water pumps with smooth, quiet flow. Various models available; Par Max 1.9, 2.9 and 3.5.


Jabsco Par Max Automatic Water Pump

The Jabsco Par-Max series of automatic 12v water pumps provide smooth, consistent and reliable flow. The innovative Par-Max design features a pulsation eliminator which prevents unnecessary cycling, reducing noise and extending the life of the pump. We carry four different models in the Jabsco Par Max range;

  • Jabsco Par Max 1.9 (31295-0092)

    • Ideal for boats with 1-2 outlets
  • Jabsco Par Max 2.9 (31395-0292)

    • Ideal for boats with 2-3 outlets
  • Jabsco Par Max 2.9 (31395-0392)

    • High pressure model (40 PSI), ideal for boats with 3-4 outlets
  • Jabsco Par Max 3.5 (22600-0292)

    • High flow rate model (13.2 LPM), ideal for boats with 2-3 outlets

These models vary in pressure and flow rates (deatiled below) and all feature Jabsco Par Max built in pulsation elimination technology. Jabsco Par-Max series water pumps can be mounted horizontally or vertically and the rubber feet absorb any excess noise. All Jabsco Par Max pumps come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty, and fittings for ½" flexible hose or ½" BSP thread.

Model Flow Rate Pressure Switch (Cut in/Cut out) Maximum Current

Par Max 1.9  31295-0092

7 litres per minute (1.5gpm) 1.0bar (15psi) / 1.7bar (25psi) 3.5 amp

Par Max 2.9  31395-0292

11 litres per minute (2.4gpm) 1.0bar (15psi) / 1.7bar (25psi) 4.4 amp

Par Max 2.9  31395-0392

11 litres per minute (2.4gpm) 1.4bar (20psi) / 2.7bar (40psi) 4.4 amp

Par Max 3.5  22600-0292

13.2 litres per minute (2.9gpm) 0.7bar (10psi) / 1.7bar (25psi)  9 amp

Jabsco Par Max Water Pump Features:

  • Connections: for 12.5mm (½”) hose or ½" BSP thread
  • Fuse Size: 10 amp
  • 12V D.C.
  • Multi-diaphragm design self primes to 1.8m vertical lift, can run dry without damage
  • Quiet running
  • Motor protected by automatic thermal overload cut-out
  • Includes bypass feature to provide smooth, quiet flow and can eliminate need for accumulator tank

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