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International Pre-Kote Undercoat 750ml

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High quality undercoat for one-pack finishes above the waterline e.g. Toplac, Interdeck and Danboline paints. Available in white and blue grey.


International Pre-Kote Undercoat 750ml

International Pre-Kote is the preferred undercoat for their one-part finishes, such as Toplac, Interdeck, Danboline etc. Pre-Kote is ideal for colour changes providing an excellent base for finishes.


Previously Painted Surfaces:

Good Condition: Wash with a suitable product and allow it to dry.  Abrade with 280-320 grade (grit) paper. 

Poor Condition: Remove any previous coatings and prime the substrate. 

Barewood: Sand smooth with 80-180, then 280 grade paper.  Brush away the dust and wipe the area to clean.  If you are using a solvent then allow it to dry completely before applying primer.  Specific coating systems require a different primer to be used, so make sure you prime using the relevant primer according to this system. 

Aluminium: Ensure you firstly degrease the aluminium and clean it with a suitable cleaner.  After this, sand the surface using 24-120 grade (aluminium compatible). After this has been achieved, clean away any dust and allow the surface to dry.  Ensure you prime soon after, within 8 hours, with an International primer, and follow the product recommendations. 

GRP: Degrease and clean the surface with a suitable product.  Allow it to dry before sanding with 180-220 grade paper, and clean any dust away.  No primer is required before applying the Pre Kote.  Apply this directly onto the GRP.


For best results, apply in a well ventilated area. To clean use Thinner No.1.   

Firstly stir the Pre-Kote well before you begin, and apply 1-2 coats using a brush or roller. To achieve a deeper colour, blend the final coat of Pre-Kote half and half with International Toplac.  


 Pre-Kote Dry Time:

 5°C 15 hrs18 hrs (Until sandable)
15°C 6 hrs30 hrs (Until sandable)
23°C 3 hrs24hrs (Until sandable)
35°C 1 hrs24hrs (Until sandable)

Approx. coverage: 12m²/ltr

For full technical specification please refer to International's product datasheet for Pre-Kote.


Blue Grey


*These are guidelines only.  LH Jones and Son ltd (Jones Boatyard) take no responsibility for the incorrect use and subsequent damage as a result of following these guidelines.  If you have any doubt when following the above guidelines, it is advised you contact your nearest boating expert. 

**Please note, the colour swatches are to be used as a rough guide only and are not intended to accurately mimic the colour of the paint once applied. For more information, or to request a colour chart please call us on 01480 718040

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