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Inflatable Dinghies

We have a large range of Waveline and Eco dinghies ranging from the Eco 230 to the 270. 

Each dinghy model is available as either a Standard Eco/Premium with slatted flooring, or an upgraded version with an Airmat / Airdeck. 

All of our dinghies are suitable for small outboards and come with an inflatable dinghy repair kit, a set of oars and a packing bag as well as a small foot pump. 

Inflatable Dinghies

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  1. WavEco 230 Inflatable Dinghy

    WavEco 230 dinghy available with slatted flooring, or with Airmat flooring.

    Starting at: £315.00
  2. WavEco 260 Inflatable Dinghy

    WavEco 260 Eco Dinghy available with slatted flooring or an Airmat flooring.

    Starting at: £369.00
  3. Waveline 270 Dinghy

    The Waveline 270 Dinghy is available as a Premium (slatted flooring) or an Airdeck (Airdeck included).

    Starting at: £495.00
  4. Waveline 240 Super Light Inflatable Dinghy

    The NEW Waveline 240 Super Light inflatable is around 50% lighter than similar traditional dinghies and Ideal for those who require a lighter boat but are not willing to compromise on quality.
  5. WavEco 250 Special Colours Inflatable Dinghy

    Make a statement with WavEco's NEW range of couloured inflatable dinghies.
    Starting at: £375.00
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5 Item(s)