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Inflatable Boat Sealant 500ml

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Inflatable boat sealant suitable for both PVC and Hypalon dinghies and boats. Apply into the valve, inflate your dinghy and watch as the sealant uses the air pressure to form an impermeable barrier over the problem area.  Ideal for porous fabrics.



Air curing water based acrylic sealant forming a very flexible and high tensile film which when fully cured seals off minor leaks and porous fabrics by creating an air barrier on the inside of inflatables.

The sealant must be entered into the inflatable through the valve.  Inflate your boat or dinghy and move the inflatable until the sealant is forced to the problem area through air pressure.  A strong bond will then form over the leak and create an impermeable barrier.

Suitable for both PVC and Hypalon surfaces. 

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Repair Kit Type PVC
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