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Hempel Non-Slip Deck Coating

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Hempel Non-Slip Deck Coating, ideal for coating deck areas, containing fine granules that ensure a non-slip finish


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Hempel Non-Slip Deck Coating

Hempel's Non-Slip Deck Coating is the ideal coating for deck areas

Containing fine granules that ensure a non-slip finish

Resistant to sunlight, water and oils

Non-Slip Deck Coating Application; 

Before applying ensure the surface area is clean, dry, oil free and dust free and prepare with 180-240 grade wet&dry paper

Apply 2-3 coats of deck paint as needed using a brush or roller until satisfied

Minumum Overcoat Time  Maximum Overcoat Time

3 hour(s) 20°C/68°F 

3 day(s) 20°C/68°F 
6 hour(s) 10°C/50°F 6 day(s) 10°C/50°F


Drying Time;

- 2 hour(s) 20°C/68°F

- 4 hour(s) 10°C/50°F

Availabe Colours

 - Light Grey

- Cream 

- Navy Blue

- White

*These are guidelines only.  LH Jones and Son ltd (Jones Boatyard) take no responsibility for the incorrect use and subsequent damage as a result of following these guidelines.  If you have any doubt when following the above guidelines, it is advised you contact your nearest boating expert
**Please note, the colour swatches are to be used as a rough guide only and are not intended to accurately mimic the colour of the paint once applied. For more information, please call us on 01480 718040






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