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Helm Seats, Boat Pedestals and Accessories

Cruise in style with our range of helm seats, navigators chairs, pedestals and accessories.

We stock the latest designs by leading helm seat manufacturers such as Wise, Springfielad and Vetus.

We try to be as comprehensive as possible in our range of boat helm seats, catering for as many styles of boats as possible.

Helm Seats & Accessories

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  1. High Back Helm Seat

    Designed with a high back for superb comfort whilst navigating and available in a multitude of plain colours or funky combinations.
    Starting at: £49.50
  2. Single Panel Helm Seat

    Neat and comfortable helm seat ideal for river cruising. Available in grey or navy.
    Starting at: £55.00
  3. Vetus First Mate Deluxe Folding Helm Seat

    High quality construction, available in four smart colour combinations.
    Starting at: £61.95
  4. High Back Folding Helm Seat

    Stylish, durable and good quality folding helm seat. Available in two colour combinations.

    Starting at: £65.00
  5. Classic Design Vinyl Helm Seat

    High grade marine vinyl construction, easy to clean and UV resistant.
    Starting at: £74.95
  6. Universal Boat Seat Swivel

    Heavy duty universal boat seat swivel.
  7. Moulded Frame Folding Helm Seat

    Marine vinyl covered foam cushions secured in a moulded, folded frame.
  8. Flip Back Helm Seat

    A wide and comfortable reversible helm seat, made of marine grade vinyl covering thick layers of foam. Available in white or navy.
    Starting at: £159.00
  9. Vetus CREW Deluxe Lightweight Folding Helm Seat

    Part of Vetus' new premier helm seat range and available in three smart designs.
    Starting at: £69.95
  10. Vetus SKIPPER Classic Helm Seat

    The Vetus Skipper is the ultimate in luxury helm seats.
    Starting at: £199.00
  11. Springfield Flip Back Reversible Helm Seat

    This wide luxury helm seat offers ultimate comfort and maximises cockpit space.
  12. Contour Helm Seat

    Folding helm seat with raised cushioned edges for ultimate comfort.

    Starting at: £57.50
  13. Vetus Manually Adjustable Pedestal Vetus Manually Adjustable Pedestal

    Vetus Manually Adjustable Pedestal

    High quality manually adjustable pedestal with slider 430-635mm.

  14. Zwaardvis Aluminium Seat Sliders

    Helmseat sliders by Zwaardvis.
  15. Zwaardvis Aluminium Seat Top

    Zwaardvis aluminium seat top.
  16. Zwaardvis Adjustable Seat Pedestal

    Adjustable Zwaardvis manual seat pedestal, 545 - 780mm.
  17. Zwaardvis Raised Pedestal Base Zwaardvis Raised Pedestal Base

    Zwaardvis Raised Pedestal Base

    Raised anodised pedestal base designed and manufactured by Zwaardvis for their helmseat solution system.
  18. Zwaardvis Recessed Pedestal Base Zwaardvis Recessed Pedestal Base

    Zwaardvis Recessed Pedestal Base

    Anodised flush fit base for Zwaardvis pedestals.
  19. Zwaardvis Powermatic Adjustable Pedestal Zwaardvis Powermatic Adjustable Pedestal

    Zwaardvis Powermatic Adjustable Pedestal

    Fully adjustable Zwaardvis pedestal 555 - 825mm with pneumatic operation.
  20. Zwaardvis footrest Zwaardvis footrest

    Zwaardvis Footrest

    Zwaardvis footrest suitable for 60mm Ø Zwaardvis tube.
Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 20 of 25 total

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