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GRP & Epoxy Resins

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  1. Glass Fibre Kit - Small

    Small glass fibre repair kit ideal for smaller patch repairs.

  2. Glass Fibre Kit - Large

    Large glass fibre repair kit ideal for larger patch repairs.

  3. West System 104 Junior Epoxy Pack

    West System 105 Epoxy and 205 Hardener (fast) junior pack - 104

  4. West System 105/205 Epoxy Pack - Fast

    105 Epoxy resin with 205 fast hardener from West Systems.

  5. Plastic Padding Marine Epoxy

    Two part epoxy filler for repairs above or below the waterline.
  6. West System 105/206 Epoxy Pack - Slow

    105 Epoxy resin with 206 slow hardener from West Systems.

  7. West System's Guide to Fibre Glass Repair and Boat Maintenance

    West System's complete guide for fibre glass repairs.

  8. West System Glass Tape

    West System glass tape comes in 10mtr lengths with a choice of widths.

    Starting at: £4.95
  9. West System 403 Microfibres

    West System 403 microfibres used for bonding.

  10. West System 404 High Density Filler

    West System 404 high density filler used for high strength bonding.

  11. West System 405 Filleting Blend

    West System 405 filleting blend used for creating high strength fillets.

  12. West System 406 Colloidal Silica

    West System 406 colloidal silica used for bonding, gap-filling and filleting.

  13. West System 407 Low-Density Filler

    West System 407 low-density filler used for fairing and filleting.

  14. West System 410 Microlight

    West System 410 microlight use to create lightweight fairing.

  15. West System Twin Syringe Pack

    West System twin syringe pack, useful for measuring out exact quantities of epoxy.

    Starting at: £3.95
  16. West System 301A Pump Set

    West System 301A pump set for use with West System's 105 epoxy resin alongside 205/206 hardeners.

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16 Item(s)