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Glass Fibre Kit - Large

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Large glass fibre repair kit ideal for larger patch repairs.



Glass Fibre Kit - Large

Ideal for large patch repairs, this kit contains everything needed to do a quick repair along with instructions on how to apply the fibre glass.

Glass Fibre Kit - Large Tips

- Allow at least 20 minutes to harden.

- This kit is not suitable for refrigerators, freezers, food containers or water containers.

- Some plastics including cellophane, polypropylene, polythene and polystyrene will not adhere to to the resin.

- Clean tools immediately after use with acetone or thinners.

- Don't mix more than 5 minutes worth of resin at a time.

- If extra strength is needed apply second layer of fibre glass once first layer begins to harden.

- Any flash material can be trimmed with a knife once the fibre glass has begun to set.

Glass Fibre Kit - Large Contents

- 500ml resin

- Hardener

- 0.5 square meter 500g glass fibre mat

- Mixing sticks

- Mixing cup

- Brush

- Full application instructions

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