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Galley Equipment

Here at Jones Boat Chandlery we know how important a good meal is to maintaining a happy and obedient crew.

That's why we select all of our galley equipment based on functionality, reliability, style and versatility.

We endeavor to bring you exceptional galley equipment at unbeatable prices for boats, caravans and motorhomes.

LPG Cookers

Our range of ovens and cookers are generally suitable for boats, caravans, motorhomes and campervans. We have selected our range of boat cookers from leading manufacturers such as Smev, Dometic, Thetford and Spinflo.

Marine Fridges

We have a large selection of Waeco and Shoreline galley fridges suitable for installation on boats and caravans.

Galley Equipment

Galley Equipment

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  1. Waeco Dometic CRX-50 Fridge (48L)

    The NEW 48 litre capacity CRX-50 fridge freezer offers efficiency and reliability with a host of new and exciting features.

  2. Waeco Dometic CRX-65 Fridge (57L)

    The NEW 57 litre Dometic CRX-65 offers the ultimate capacity with minimal overall dimensions as well as highly efficient running and a host of exciting features.

  3. Waeco Dometic CRX-80 Fridge (78L)

    The NEW range of 12/24v Dometic CRX fridge freezers retain the efficiency and reliability of the CR range whilst incorporating new and exciting features.

  4. Shoreline 98L Fridge

    Classic design and generous capacity, this fridge looks, feels and performs like a domestic fridge.

  5. Tasman 4500 Twin Hob and Grill

    Stylish, compact twin hob and grill unit, ideal for small galleys.
  6. Thetford Hotplate Twin Hob & Grill Cooker

    Self-enclosed portable twin hob and grill, perfect for compact galleys.

  7. Smev PI8062M Two Ring Hob

    Smev 8062 two ring burner hob with glass lid, stylish, sleek and compact

  8. Voyager 4500 Twin Hob, Grill & Oven

    Superb value compact twin hob, grill and oven ideal for use on boats, caravans, campervans and motorhomes.
  9. Voyager 4500 Twin Hob, Grill & Oven (With Ignition)

    Voyager 4500 twin hob, grill and oven featuring automatic spark ignition.
  10. Caprice MK3 Oven and Grill

    Full stack cooker, with a separate grill and four ring hob. The Caprice allows you to enjoy your favourite dishes on board

  11. Smev Dometic Moonlight Triple Burner, Grill & Oven

    Featuring a sleek folding glass top the Smev Dometic Moonlight couples usability with contemporary design.
  12. Spinflo Duplex Oven and Grill

    Spinflo Duplex oven and grill combo.
  13. Portable Gas Cooker

    A powerful portable 2kw gas cooker from Bright Spark®, designed for safe use both indoors and outdoors. 

    Starting at: £46.95
  14. 2L Whistling Kettle

    Deluxe Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle.
    Starting at: £12.95
  15. 1L Aluminium Whistling Kettle

    Small lightweight aluminium whistling kettle.
  16. Summit 1L Folding Kettle

    Ultimate spacing-saving housewares ideal for boating.
    Starting at: £27.95
  17. Whale Flipper Pump MK 4 Tap

    Self-priming lever operated hand pump tap.
  18. Chromed Brass Twin Mixer Unit Tap

    The spout lowers on this tap, enabling work surfaces to fit on top of the sink area.
  19. Whale Telescopic Faucet Tap

    Faucet designed for installation where space is limited.
  20. Round Stainless Steel Sink

    Stylish and durable this stainless steel sink is compete with a mirror finish to add a touch of style to your galley.
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Items 1 to 20 of 29 total

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