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Boat Flag Poles

Browse our range of boat flag poles including traditional mahogany flag poles, stainless steel flag poles, rail mount flag poles as well as other traditional wooden boat flag poles.

Flag Poles

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  1. Boat Flag Poles - 22mm Base

    Traditional Wooden Flag Pole, with 22mm diameter base, complete with string and cleat for securing flags.

    Starting at: £19.50
  2. Boat Pennant Flag Staff (0.5M)

    An ideal flagstaff designed to easily fit around your boat pulpit rail (20mm to 25mm), with a max height of 0.5 metres.
  3. Rail Mount Boat Flag Pole

    Stainless Steel rail mount flag pole with a nylon rail clamp, reaching 394mm in height and ideal for rail mounts between 22mm and 25mm. For small flags and pennants.
  4. Traditional Mahogany Boat Flag Poles - 25mm Base

    Traditional Mahogany Flag Staff, with a 25mm diameter base, complete with string and cleat for flag fastening.
    Starting at: £30.95
  5. Pulpit Rail Mount Flag Pole

    Stainless steel pulpit mount flag pole 350mm in height, ideal for pennants and 1/2 yard flags.
  6. Polished Stainless Steel Flag Pole Including Base

    Mirror polished, stainless steel flag pole including removable base.
    Starting at: £42.95
  7. Boat Pennant Flag Staff (0.4M)

    Stainless Steel Pennant Flagstaff (0.4m) with an easily adjustable base to fit 22mm to 25mm boat pulpit rails.
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7 Item(s)