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Wooden Ships Wheels

Our selection of fine wooden ships wheels have been selected for their quality and versatility; we have supplied wheels from this range for projects as far away as New Zealand.

Our 'Stazo' ships wheels are made of high quality teak with polished brass trim. Available in two sizes, this fine wooden ships wheel comes in two sizes and with a choice of boss' to suit almost any set up.

Our 'Wooden Spoked Ships Wheel' is made from acaia with a lacquered finish and stainless boss cap. This steering wheel has proved incredibly popular with our customers and is available in four sizes. All of these wheels come with a standard ¾" taper.

Fine Wooden Ships Wheels

Fine Wooden Ships Wheels

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  1. Stazo Wooden Spoked Ships Wheel

    Stazo traditional teak steering wheel with brass trim. The wheel is available in both 400mm and 450mm diameter models.
    Starting at: £178.95
  2. Wooden Spoked Ships Wheel

    A high quality, traditional acacia wooden spoked traditional steering wheel. Available in four sizes.

    Starting at: £73.50
  3. Traditional Wooden Steering Wheel

    Made from mahogany, this traditional styled six spoked wheel is the perfect addition to any cockpit

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3 Item(s)