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Exocet Fuel Additives

Marine Fuel can create problems for even the newest of engines.

The UK's fuel oil pool has become highly variable. Some batches of fuel oil are EN590 Diesel dyed red; others contain high volumes of imported fuel with relatively high cuts of biodiesel and a low cetane number. Common distribution networks can result in inconsistent supply.

Some of the latest engines run rough on the odd batch of marine fuel at close to 45 cetane number, and others are suffering from internal hard lacquers blocking fuel injectors. Biodiesels tend to move water, soften existing tank varnishes, increase tank deposits, and promote bug contamination from tank to tank.

The following diagram details our advice to Marine Fuel user for a seasonal approach using Exocet products to combat the problems detailed above.

For further information, and additional products, please visit the Exocet website.

Exocet Fuel Additives

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  1. Exocet Marine Fuel Conditioner

    Exocet Marine Fuel Conditioner, comes highly recommended for use every time you fill your boat with red diesel. This affordable fuel treatment lowers emissions, increases shelf life, and gives smoother running. Available in 200ml and 50ml bottles.
    Starting at: £4.95
  2. Exocet Diesel Power Restorer

    Exocet Diesel Power Restorer is intended to be used to treat on power loss or at service. This 200ml bottle will treat 100 litres of fuel.
  3. Exocet Anti-Bug (50ml)

    Exocet Anti-Bug can be used to both treat contaminated fuel, and as preventative maintenance to avoid future contamination.
  4. Exocet Fuel Store Plus

    Exocet Fuel Store Plus 100ml is ideal to add to fuel that you are intending to keep for an extended period. Exocet Fuel Store Plus increases shelf-life from 90 days to two years.

  5. Exocet Petrol Supreme

    Exocet Petrol Supreme, used to increase the quality of petrol leading to a better performance from your fuel.

    Starting at: £5.50
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