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  1. Waterproof Bilge Switch

    Water Proof Bilge Pump 12v Switch with "automatic" and "manual" setting.
  2. Push Pull Switch

    Push pull switch
  3. Twin Pole Plug

    Twin pole plug
  4. Twin Pole Recessed Socket

    Twin pole recessed socket
  5. 12 Volt Non-Illuminated Cigarette Lighter

    12 Volt non-illuminated cigarette lighter
  6. Cable Gland for 8mm Cable

    Cable gland for 8mm cable
  7. Cable Gland for 6mm Cable

    Cable glands for 6mm cable
  8. Heavy Duty Cable Gland for 12mm Cable

    Heavy duty cable gland for 12mm cable
  9. 2 Pin Waterproof Plug 2 Pin Waterproof Plug

    2 pin Waterproof Plug

    High specification waterproof plug, available in 3amp or 5amp.
  10. Red Warning Light Round

    12 Volt round red warning light, 19mm aperture.
  11. Red Illuminated Rocker Switch

    12 volt red illuminated rocker switch.
  12. Green Warning Light

    12 Volt round green warning light, 19mm aperture.
  13. Push Button Switch

    Push button horn switch.
  14. Weatherproof Switch

    12volt weatherproof switch.
  15. Robust Switch

    ON/OFF 10 amp, 12 volt switch.
  16. Battery Master Switch

    Simple to install and easy to poerate battery master switch.
  17. Plastimo Battery Master Switch

    Easy to install battery master switch.
  18. Mains Site Waterproof Plug

    Waterproof shore power plug
  19. Mains Coupler Socket

    Handy shore power socket, enabling you to run all essential electrical gadgets.
  20. Mains Hook Up Adaptor

    Shore power female socket to 3 pin 24ov plug adaptor.
Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 20 of 50 total

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