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Electrical, Gas and Water Systems

Browse though our electrical chandlery. All products have been chosen by our expert chandlery purchaser who is calways on the look out for the best quality and best value electrical chandlery products available.

Electrical chandlery is where you will find a range of Cabin Lighting for your boat, Shore Power equipment, Electric Min Kota outboards, Maxview Aerials, Inverters, Battery Chargers, Battery Master Switches, Navigation Lights, and much more.

If you can't find what you are looking for then please call the chandlery as whe have much more available in our shop.

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Electrical, Gas & Water Systems

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  1. Whale Gulper Toilet Pump

    Whale Gulper Toilet Pump almost impossible to block, designed to manage un-macerated toilet waste.
  2. Multiple Inlet Shower Sump Pump

    Shower sump pump with multiple inlets and built in float switch.
  3. Whale Premium Submersible 12 V DC Pump

    Self venting, quiet, compact and low cost submersible pump
  4. Whale Premium In-Line Booster Pump

    Compact, light weight booster pump
  5. Whale Standard Submersible Pump

    Whale Standard 12 V pump. Hose connections measure 10 mm.
  6. Whale High Flow Submersible 12v DC pump

    Self-venting, compact, quiet high flow submersible pump
  7. Whale High Flow 12 V DC In-Line Booster Pump

    Compact, lightweight and quiet high flow booster pump
  8. Twin Pole Plug

    Twin pole plug
  9. Red Warning Light Round

    12 Volt round red warning light, 19mm aperture.
  10. Push Pull Switch

    Push pull switch
  11. Twin Pole Recessed Socket

    Twin pole recessed socket
  12. 12 Volt Non-Illuminated Cigarette Lighter

    12 Volt non-illuminated cigarette lighter
  13. Red Illuminated Rocker Switch

    12 volt red illuminated rocker switch.
  14. Green Warning Light

    12 Volt round green warning light, 19mm aperture.
  15. Push Button Switch

    Push button horn switch.
  16. Weatherproof Switch

    12volt weatherproof switch.
  17. Robust Switch

    ON/OFF 10 amp, 12 volt switch.
  18. Cable Gland for 8mm Cable

    Cable gland for 8mm cable
  19. Cable Gland for 6mm Cable

    Cable glands for 6mm cable
  20. Heavy Duty Cable Gland for 12mm Cable

    Heavy duty cable gland for 12mm cable
Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 20 of 76 total

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