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Electrical, Gas and Water Systems

Boat Electrical Systems

We supply products relating to all manner of boat and marine electrical systems. This includes shore power leads and adapters, navigation lights, cabin lighting, battery chargers and inverters as well as our range of Maxview aerials and accessories.

We also stock a range of Minn Kota electric outboards including the C2 range as well as the new Endura Max models. We carry Minn Kota electric trolling motors in models ranging between 30 and 55 lbs of thrust, popular with for fishing and for leisure use with small craft.

Boat Gas Systems

Gas is generally used for heating and cooking on boats and we supply a range of gas powered hot air heaters and gas fed cooking appliances all suitable for marine use.

We supply a full range of Porpex Heatsource blown air heaters including the HS2000, HS2800 and HS2000E. All of these Propex models are supplied with necessary fitting kits for marine or vehicle use with a choice of one, two or three outlets. We also supply LPG water heaters from leading manufacturers such as Bosch.

Included in this section is our range of galley equipment including LPG cookers and 12v fridges.

Boat Water Systems

We carry one of the most comprehensive ranges of 12v boat water pumps available online. Among these we have a full range of Jabsco Par Max, Whale Universal Pressure Pump and Whale Watermaster pumps.

We also carry a variety of waster water pumps and bilge pumps to suit different applications.

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Electrical, Gas & Water Systems

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  1. Whale Lightweight Water Pump - Watermaster FP0814

    Whale's new Watermaster FP0814 is one of the most compact, versatile and reliable pumps on the market.

  2. Propex Heatsource HS2000 - Marine & Vehicle Fitting Kits

    Thermostatically controlled blown air heating system fuelled by propane or butane gas. Available with vehicle or marine installation kits.
    Starting at: £551.00
  3. Propex Heatsource HS2800 High Output Heater - Marine & Vehicle Fitting Kits

    Thermostatically controlled blown air heater fueled by propane or butane. High output heater (2.8kw). Marine and vehicle fitting kits available.
    Starting at: £676.00
  4. Propex Heatsource HS2000E Heater (Gas and mains powered) - Marine & Vehicle Fitting Kits

    Automatic, thermostatically controlled blown air heating system fueled by gas or mains power. Fitting kits for marine and vehicle use available.
    Starting at: £811.00
  5. Metered Shore Power Lead

    15 metre, 16amp metered shore power lead.
  6. Voyager 4500 Twin Hob, Grill & Oven (With Ignition)

    Voyager 4500 twin hob, grill and oven featuring automatic spark ignition.
  7. Butane Gas Regulator 21mm Clip On

    21mm Butane clip on gas regulator, suitable for 7kg, 12kg and 15kg butane bottles

  8. Butane Gas Regulator Screw On

    Butane screw on gas regulator, suitable for 4.5kg Calor gas butane bottles.

  9. Jabsco Par Max Plus (82400-0392)

    Jabsco Parmax Plus, ideal if you live aboard your boat, due to its high flow rate and ability to serve up to five outlets.
  10. Indel B Fridge (49L) Indel B Fridge (49L)

    Indel B Fridge (49L)

    Our new leading range for marine refrigeration. The Indel B's fan assisted ventilation system will maximise perfromace and improve efficiency.

  11. Indel B Fridge (65L)

    65L capacity fridge with fan assisted ventilation to allow max ventilation and improved efficiency.

  12. Indel B Fridge (85L) Indel B Fridge (85L)

    Indel B Fridge (85L)

    85L fridge with fan assisted ventilation system and large capacity storage interior. 

  13. 08 Watt Fluorescent Tube 08 Watt Fluorescent Tube

    08 Watt Fluorescent Tube

    08w Fluorescent Tube - Replacement cabin lights

  14. 13 Watt Fluorescent Tube Light 13 Watt Fluorescent Tube Light

    13 Watt Fluorescent Tube Light

    13 Watt Fluorescent Tube Light - Replacement cabin light

  15. Jabsco Par Max Automatic Water Pump

    Jabsco Par Max automatic water pumps with smooth, quiet flow. Various models available; Par Max 1.9, 2.9 and 3.5.
    Starting at: £71.00
  16. Whale Universal Water Pump

    Whale Universal Water Pump's range from 15-45 psi, are easy to install, reliable, quiet and smooth flowing.

    Starting at: £88.95
  17. Whale Watermaster Automatic Pressure Pump

    Whale's Watermaster Automatic Pressure Pumps deliver smooth, consistent flow and can run dry without damage. Various models available.

    Starting at: £77.95
  18. Jabsco Par Max 4 (31620-0292)

    High flow pump able to cope with water systems with four or more outlets, the Jabsco Par Max 4 is the ideal pump for large canal boats.
  19. Minn Kota Endura Max Electric Outboard

    Designed to last up to five times longer on a single charge the Minn Kota Endura Max is the ultimate electric outboard for those who need to be out on the water longer.
    Starting at: £340.00
  20. Minn Kota Endura C2 Electric Outboard Motor

    Quiet, reliable and efficient electric outboard motor, various models available from 30lbs thrust upwards.
    Starting at: £170.00
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