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Direct Shipping Information

Direct Shipping Information

Because of the size of the item, and the delivery method it requires (i.e. going on a pallet service) it cannot be delivered by our standard courier, instead it will be shipped directly from our supplier’s warehouse.

The delivery service they use is, unfortunately, very basic and because of this we can only offer a delivery time frame between 8am and 6pm on the set day of delivery.

As the item is high value it has to be signed for on delivery and therefore someone needs to be at the address between these times.

Because of this we recomend having it delivered to a place where people will be all day, such as a workplace.

If for any reason the delivery is delayed it will be shifted to the next working day.

The cost of this service depending on the size and weight of the item will be £15.75 or £29.75 on top of the cost of the item.

We appreciate that this isn’t always convenient but the alternative is an increased delivery charge for us receiving the item at our offices and then sending it out on a premium delivery service.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss direct shipping further please call on 01480 718040.