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We have a large selection of dinghy accessories and repair kits to give you a better and safer experience when using our inflatable dinghy range. 

Dinghy Repairs and Accessories

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  1. Flush Mounting Davits

    Stainless steel flush mounting davits, can take up to 100kg

  2. Inflatable Boat Emergancy Repair Kit

    Emergancy kit for inflatable boats and dinghies available for PVC and Hypalon.  Comes with a tube adhesive, fabric and instructions (Hypalon includes abrasive paper).  An excellent kit for quick repairs.

    Starting at: £24.50
  3. Inflatable Boat 1 Part Adhesive

    A 1 part adhesive repair kit for your inflatable boat or dinghy.  The 1 part adhesive is the hardener only, giving you great access to quick emergancy repairs.  Available for either PVC or Hypalon.

    Starting at: £6.45
  4. Inflatable Boat 2 Part Adhesive

    A 2 part adhesive kit for inflatable boats and dinghies.  This kit comes with a small 10ml bottle of hardener and 250ml tin of resin.  Available for either PVC or Hypalon Materials.  DO NOT use PVC on Hypalon or Hypalon on PVC.  When used with the hardner, the resin will create a strong bond and repair damaged areas to your inflatable boat or dinghy. 

    Starting at: £14.95
  5. Inflatable Boat Finish 250ml

    Inflatable boat finish suitable for both PVC and Hypalon dinghies and boats. Apply just a small amount onto a cloth and rub in circular motions to give your inflatable a bright finish with no fading colours.

  6. Inflatable Boat Sealant 500ml

    Inflatable boat sealant suitable for both PVC and Hypalon dinghies and boats. Apply into the valve, inflate your dinghy and watch as the sealant uses the air pressure to form an impermeable barrier over the problem area.  Ideal for porous fabrics.

  7. EVO Dinghy Control Line (Cut to Length by the Metre)

    Low stretch polyester control lines, ideal for dinghies. Hard wearing available in colours Pink, Purple, Blue, Red and Black, with diameters of 3mm-6mm.
    Starting at: £0.55
  8. 5 litre Bellow Foot Pump

    Foot pump for canoes, kayaks and inflatable boats
  9. Plastimo Typhoon Children's Lifejacket

    Typhoon Children's Lifejacket from Plastimo. Models available are designed for children ranging from between 1 and 8 years. Multiple designs available.
    Starting at: £25.95
  10. Plastimo Passion Buoyancy Aid

    Black/Yellow Plastimo Passion Bouyancy Aid. Features 70N bouyancy, and cutaway pieces around the arms allowing for maximum freedom.
    Starting at: £27.95
  11. Baltic Canoe One Size Fits All Buoyancy Aid

    Stylish red/navy Baltic Canoe buoyancy aid. Suitable for all persons between 40kg and 130kg.
  12. Bic Sport Buoyancy Aid

    Vest style buoyancy aid from Bic Sport, perfect for kayaking, water sports and general cruising.
    Starting at: £59.95
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12 Item(s)