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Corner Fenders

Anchor Marine corner fenders are designed to protect the transom of your boat. 

Our range of transom fenders features a variety of designs to suit all boats as well as fenders for docks, moorings and pontoons. 

All transom fenders come with brackets or 'horseshoes' used to mount them securely.  

Corner Fenders

Anchor Marine Fenders Free Fender Rope Offer

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  1. Anchor Corner Fender A0201 5x4x4"

    Transom Fender / Corner Fender 13x10x10 cm Anchor Marine
    Starting at: £25.00
  2. Anchor Corner Fender 6x6x5"

    Transom Fender / Corner Fender 15x15x13cm
    Starting at: £26.50
  3. Anchor Corner Fender 6x3x3"

    Transom Fender / Corner Fender 6x3x3" Anchor Marine
    Starting at: £15.50
Set Descending Direction

3 Item(s)