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Clamped Chimney Rain Hat

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Clamped Chinese rain hat to protect your narrowboat from rain. Clamp ensures the rain hat remains safely secured to the chimney.


Clamped Chimney Rain Hat

Clamped rain hat protects your narrowboat chimney from the rain. The clamp ensures that the rain hat remains secured to the chimney in windy conditions. The rain hat clamp can be adjusted in order to allow the rain hat to fit on most narrowboat chimneys. The clamp ensures that the rainhat remains secured to the chimney. The clamp can be adjusted if needed to be made larger by changing the nut and bolt.

Clamped Chimney Rain Hat Dimensions:

  • Height: 250mm
  • Clamp Diameter (closed): 125mm
  • Rainhat Diameter: 240mm
All dimensions are approximate

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