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Anchor Marine Chubby Fenders

Chubby fenders are often used to protect the bow of a boat, with two either side protecting the vulnerable flanks as they come together. 

Our Anchor Marine chubby fenders are available in various sizes to suit different boats as well as a variety of colours and all feature a reinforced eye for exceptional strength and durability.

Chubby Fenders

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  1. Anchor Marine Chubby Fender 30x23cm A0151

    Anchor Marine chubby fenders 12x9". Available in various colours.
    Starting at: £16.50
  2. Anchor Chubby Fender 40x36cm A0161

    Anchor Chubby Fenders 16x14"
    Starting at: £28.00
  3. Polyform Chubby Fender

    U.S. manufactured blue tipped chubby boat fender from Polyform
    Starting at: £25.00
  4. Anchor Chubby Fender 23x13cm A0131

    Anchor Chubby Fenders 9x5"
    Starting at: £9.00
  5. Anchor Heavy Duty Chubby Fender A0321 40x52cm

    Heavy duty chubby fender measuring 16x21".
    Starting at: £40.00
  6. Anchor Marine Heavy Duty Chubby Fender 56 x 67cm A0331

    Heavy duty chubby fenders 56x 67cm, available in various colours.
    Starting at: £54.00
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6 Item(s)