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Water safety is of the up most importance where young children are concerned, and it is crucial that they are given a well fitted lifejacket or buoyance aid before going near the water's edge.  All our Children's lifejackets are fitted with a padded head support designed to keep the child's head afloat when in the water as well as a handle strap used to lift children up out of the water.  There is also a crotch strap on all of our Children's buoyance aid range designed to hold your child in place and prevent them from falling out of the lifejacket.  All lifejackets are fitted using weight rather of age so that you can remain certain your child is safe and will be well afloat should they enter the water.  However, it is important make sure that there is enough room within the lifejacket so that your child is not totally restricted of all movements as this could hinder the safety aspect of the jacket.

The selection of Children's lifejackets and buoyancy aids will be perfectly suitable for any family boat outing in inland waters. 

Children's Lifejackets

Children's Lifejackets

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  1. Kid's Life Jacket - Plastimo Baby Kid's Life Jacket - Plastimo Baby

    Plastimo Baby - Kid's Lifejacket 30-40kg

    100 Newton Plastimo Baby Lifejacket. Self-righting ability wil keep your child's head safely out of the water.

    Retail Price: £43.95

    Special Price £26.95

  2. Kru Junior Automatic Inflation Children's Lifejacket with Harness

    High quality, compact and comfortable, 150 Newton Lifejacket, designed for children under 6 years, between 30kg and 40kg in weight. Automatic Inflation and Harness included with this model.
  3. Plastimo Typhoon Children's Lifejacket

    Typhoon Children's Lifejacket from Plastimo. Models available are designed for children ranging from between 1 and 8 years. Multiple designs available.
  4. SpongeBob Life Jacket for Children SpongeBob Life Jacket for Children

    Children's SpongeBob Life Jacket

    This Children's Lifejacket features a fun Sponge Bob design. Sizes are available suitable for children between 5 and 20kg.

    Retail Price: £39.99

    Special Price £36.95

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4 Item(s)