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Cast Brass Ships Tide Clock and Barometer Set

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High quality brass nautical tide clock and barometer set on a wooden backing board.


Cast Brass Nautical Tide Clock and Barometer Set

Cast brass tide clock and barometer set mounted on a decorative wooden board 15cm by 29cm. The cast brass casings are fine quality and finished with a high polish. The barometer comes calibrated, and the clock and barometer both come mounted on the hardwood board. The tide clock features an additional hand which records lunar time over a twenty four hour and 50 minute period, approximating to the cycle of high and low tides. This tide clock and barometer make an attractive set for boats or in the home.


Cast Brass Ships Clock and Barometer Set

  • Highly sensitive aneroid barometer
  • Entirely metallic chain
  • Quartz Clock mechanism
  • Bevelled glass edge
  • Solid cast brass clock and barometer casing


Cast Brass Clock and Barometer Set Dimensions

  • Back Diameter of each instrument: 117mm
  • Glass Diameter of each instrument: 84mm
  • Dimensions of wood board : 29cm x 15cm

Additional Information

Clock Body Cast Brass
Clock Size 3.3 inch face
SKU CU18036